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June, 2013 Newsletter

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to be back on the road again. After I had just walked through the valley, my eyes were set to climb the next mountain as we began our journey on Resurrection Morning in Vernon, AL. While I was still recovering from my terrible ordeal back in February, the church was revived in spirit. We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter there and were reminded that when Jesus cried, "It is Finished", our debt had been paid. Even while I was still taking medication, the Anointing of God was still great. It was so great that even my mom was surprised.

Not long after the revival in Alabama, we ventured to Tennessee to preach in Dunlap. The anointing only got stronger as we had a powerful meeting. I can still hear the shouting ringing in my ears & feel the fire from the revival.

The shouting continued as we traveled to Statesville, NC for an awesome youth retreat. During one of the services in Statesville, a barefoot homeless man came through the door seeking something as simple as a pair of shoes. It moved my heart & touched my soul when one of the teenage boys from the church without hesitation, took off his pair of shoes and gave them to the man that didn't have anything. The man said, "Nobody has ever done that for me. Most of the churches I go to won't accept me & if they do help me, their motive is to get rid of me as quickly as possible. No one ever loves me." Oh saints of God, I believe we have forgotten what it's really all about. For Pail said, "If I have not love, I am nothing." I am so glad that when I was a poor homeless boy, Jesus came by my way & gave me shoes of peace, a robe of righteousness & a ring of power on my finger.

This experience stuck with me as we went to West Virginia. The saints of God came together in one mind and in one accord to worship the one true God in Spirit and in Truth. During that great community revival, one precious soul was saved and hundreds were revived and encouraged in the Lord.

After shouting the house down in West Virginia, we went back to North Carolina, but this time we were in Rockingham. The presence of God was so evident as the people came expecting great things from the Lord and when you come expecting the Lord always exceeds our expectations. The Lord's mighty hand reached down and touched and healed hurting hearts.

If we're ever living in a day when we need the healing hand of the Master, it is now in this day. We sensed this during the Northern Ohio Spring Jubilee in Grafton, OH. God reminded the church of this enduring challenge, to always stand for Him.

The next week, I felt in my spirit that God was going to do something special at the Spring Jubilee in Lucasville, OH. The power just kept building all week long and on Friday night, it exploded. It's been a long time since I had been in a service like unto Friday night at Spring Jubilee. Mere words on a page cannot describe the power of God there. Before the night was over, at least 400, if not more were on the altar. Three were saved including an 81 year old man, along with many rededications. It was a night that truly was unforgettable.

Still feasting on the previous week, we began revival in Beckley, WV and the Lord continued to move as 4 were saved and 1 rededicated. I received a triple blessing that week. A 17 year old young lady without the ability to see, traveled 3 hours with her family to be in service with us and sang with the voice of an angel. I was also blessed to see the fruit of the harvest from last year's revival in Beckley, as Kayla Martin sang. The joy of the Lord emulated through her—I can truly say, I believe that girl got something last year because it showed through her this year.

As our bodies began to grow weary, we still would not give up as we traveled to Hayesville, NC for the annual Carolina Mountain Youth Retreat. God always pours out His blessings on us during this meeting. It's not only a fun weekend for the kids, but a weekend where God touches their souls! During the invitation 2 young boys were saved and several more sought the Lord, but God still wasn't finished. He performed yet another miracle as a woman was healed of body pain.

We completed the trip in Dallas, NC at Emmanuel Free Will Baptist where I was honored to preach during the church's 50 year celebration. God continued to add to His Kingdom & the church that day as 4 more souls were saved.

I can honestly say that our first trip out since my body was set free from sickness has been a glorious time in the Lord! However, I still have a great burden in my spirit for the state of the church. We need to be prepared to meet the Savior because He will come as a thief in the night, in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye. I firmly believe that we shall behold His beautiful face & we won't have to wait long. But until that time, let us continue to labor in the field and sow the seed. For Jesus said, "No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."

Humbly "Living the Gift,"

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