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September, 2014 Newsletter

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 Someone Called 911                
It was noised
abroad a Fire
 is Burning in the Church!!   


  Summer makes you feel young again, especially during youth camp.  The hearts of the young and old alike were challenged to take up the mantle and win their world for Jesus Christ.  You are never too young or too old to take up the mantle.  A preacher's 4 year old son tugged on the mantle of his father wanting to be saved.  Although he may not have understood it all, he was smart enough to understand that Jesus loved him.

   Youth camps are always an exciting, spirit filled time in the Lord. So exciting that we "disrupted the peace" and someone called the sheriff.  As he entered the premises where the old fashioned tent was erected, he knew that there was no disruption of the peace, but there was the presence of The Prince of Peace who brought peace to our hearts and souls that week.

   Directly following our 4th of July holiday, we went to the annual Camp Meeting on the Mountain in Crossville, TN.  There was great anticipation, but no waiting for the Great Physician who brought the remedy to all those in need.

   We continued to stay high on the mountain during services in NC.  Some think it can't get any better than Friday Night Football; however, you can't get any better than Friday Night Go to Meeting.  There is nothing better than souls being saved and hearts being healed spiritually and a long time pastor friend's heart healed physically.

   In the midst of miracles, one question from the Lord was asked during revival in Monroe, "What if you knew the exact hour your Lord doth come?"  I can say the church heeded the question as many fell on the altars for their lost loved ones.

   Summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to the coast and here is where the Fire Chief was called in to make sure we were all safe in the "fire".  The Lord moved in a mighty way in revival in SC as we were reminded of who He is and how we can become more like Him.

  Whether  in the mountains, on the banks of a creek, or at the coastline, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


 Thank You

Thank you to those who have faithfully supported us over the years and to those who have recently committed to supporting us.

  We could never thank each of you enough for all the love, support and prayers for this ministry.

  Without each of you Jacob Berry Ministries could not stand. Thank you for standing with us to bring hope and the gospel of Jesus Christ to this lost & dark world in these last days!

                                                                                      Humbly "Living the Gift",

                                                                      Jacob Berry & Family
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